2014 Annual Masterpoint Race Winners

First Place Winner

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Anant Rathi (300-500), Carol Abramowitz (500-1000), and Elaine Chan (1000-2500) all convincingly won their Mini-McKenney brackets. Helen Miller was just behind Frank Fu in the 0-5 Mini-McKenney bracket and Bill Grant was just behind David Abelow in the 5000-7500 bracket.

Anant Rathi also won his Mini-McKenney bracket at the district level, and placed fourth at the national level.

San Diego unit members Lamya Angelidis and Larry Sherman were fourth and fifth respectively in the 1000-2500 Mini-McKenney district rankings with Larry winning his Ace of Clubs bracket at the district level. Paul Darin, our unit game director, won the 2500-5000 Mini-McKenney bracket at the district level. San Diego unit players and La Jolla unit game regulars, Mac Busby and Maritha Pottenger, were first and second respectively in the 5000-7500 bracket at the district level.

The Mini-McKenney counts total masterpoints earned for the year and the Ace of Clubs counts only masterpoints earned at clubs as opposed to sectionals, regionals, and nationals. There are multiple brackets for each race based on the number of masterpoints a player has at the start of the year.

Full 2014 Listings

U526 Mini-McKenney, D22 Mini-McKenney, National Mini-McKenney
U526 Ace of Clubs, D22 Ace of Clubs, National Ace of Clubs
Barry Crane Top 500, All Masterpoint Races