Table Talk 2020

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Remember the blue publication that arrived in your mailbox more than ten years ago? With the advent of our web site, we no longer publish Table Talk. More information about the La Jolla & Beach Unit 526 can be found on the website than we could ever include in a one page newsletter, like Table Talk.

The Adventures in Bridge diaspora

The 2019 club table counts are final. This means we can examine the impact of the collapse of Adventures in Bridge (AIB) in March of last year when the San Diego Fire Marshall raided the club in the middle of game and declared it 4x over capacity, an incident motivated by a dispute with a nearby business over the shared parking. AIB, which consistently had 8,000–10,000 tables for more than a decade, ended 2019 with 2,000 tables, a year-over-year drop of 6,800.

Kathie Angione and John Lagodimos added Thursday and Friday games to their second club, the San Diego Bridge Club, growing their table count from a tiny 253 to 1663, picking up more than 1,400 tables. The San Diego Bridge Academy grew by 1,000 tables. The Soledad Club added a sanctioned game on Wednesdays and saw its table count table double, increasing by 800 tables. The Bridge Club of North County in Escondido grew 600 tables though it is not entirely clear how much of this is due to the AIB diaspora. The La Jolla unit game grew about 100 tables while the San Diego unit game was down slightly after relocating to the Soledad Club. But all said and done, about 3,000 tables simply vanished.

Also of note, there was no change in table count for the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, Kathie Angione’s original Eastlake Club, Harvey’s bridge, and the various small clubs the Ida Burcham directs in north county.

The repercussions of the AIB collapse rate to be long term. Anecdotally, it seems that the experienced players shifted from AIB to other clubs and the less experienced players stopped playing. Moreover, AIB had the largest teaching program, picking up many recent retirees.

AIB could be the last big club in the San Diego area. Rising rents and increasing development in San Diego are making it very difficult to find a reasonably central location that is both affordable and has enough parking for a full time facility. San Diego clubs are now piggybacking off of city owned property, Masonic lodges, and religious organizations. Card fees are pushing up to $12 / session. Most of the players can afford the increase but some may shift to online bridge or hold out for sectionals and regionals which comparatively speaking may not be more expensive.

2019 Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs results

The 2019 La Jolla Unit Masterpoint Race Winners are final. Ramey Farah (300-500), Deborah Goldsmith (500-1000), Murray Warmath (1500-2500), and Elaine Chan (2500-3500), convincingly won their Mini-McKenney brackets. Ramey Farah (300-500) also won the district level Mini-McKenney, scooting 30 MP ahead of Julia Nadal from Santa Barbara and placed second in the district level Ace of Club. Deborah Goldsmith (500-1000) was third in the district level Mini-McKenney.

ACBL Live über alles

by Matthew Kidd

Starting in February, clubs (and units) must upload their results through ACBL Live for Clubs. February 9th was our first use of the system, with results e-mailed to subscribing players within two minutes of the upload at 4:40 pm, immediately after the game. However, we will continue posting results on the unit website because the ACBLmerge results presentation has some advantages over the ACBL Live for Clubs presentation.

All the unit game ACBL Live results are here. Choose the Links → ACBL Live menu at the top of the unit website to find the ACBL Live pages for other local clubs.

Overall I think ACBL Live for Clubs is a big achievement for the ACBL. I have posted a long article on Bridge Winners about ACBL Live for Clubs and what I perceive to be its shortcomings. I arranged a teleconference with the ACBL shortly after the fall NABC. They seemed receptive to implementing many of my suggestions but are fighting fires from the ACBL Live transition that will tie them up through the spring NABC in March. In all likelihood, the unit will continue to post ACBLmerge results well into 2020.

Club table counts revisited

If you are interested in ACBL demographics, take a look at Club Table Counts Revisited. You can even download the data and crunch the numbers yourself.

Coronavirus closure

March 20, 2020

The La Jolla unit games are cancelled indefinitely. The city of San Diego, which owns the Soledad Club, has closed it for all activities.

Other coronavirus closures

The Soledad Club, San Diego Bridge Club, Redwood Club, and San Diego Bridge Academy have cancelled all bridge games indefinitely. The San Diego unit has also cancelled their unit games.

The ACBL has cancelled the national in Columbus, Ohio. The San Diego regional cancellation notice went out on March 21st.

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