2020 Unit Reports in the Contract Bridge Forum

Each month the La Jolla unit contributes to the What’s New in District 22 section of the D22 edition of The Contract Bridge Forum, the newspaper members receive. Gathered below are the reports for 2018. The month refers to the publication month but the newspaper is delivered slightly before the publication month, reports are submitted a couple of weeks in advance, and the reports cover the preceding weeks.

January 2020

by SkipBid

Our November 10th unit game was won by Elaine Chan and Jennifer Prairie (mother and daughter!) in both Flights A and B. Flight C went to Steve Haine and Philip Robzyk.

On November 24th Debbie Gailfus and Wirt Gilliam were the Flight A winners, with Jeremy Fields and Linda Gu taking Flight B and Flight C going to Patrick Chen and Ruth Ng.

The unit wishes to welcome new members Landis Fox, Dr. Anne Graves, and Miriam Rodin. And we congratulate the following members for their advancements in ACBL rank: New Junior Master—Bill Herman, New Club Masters—Susan Fakhimi, Rita Krueger, and Richard Winkler, New Regional Master—Wallis Klein. Great jobs, all! (And everyone in this paragraph please refer to this column for a free game in January or February.)

Soledad Club by Kathy Moyer

Monday Game — The club championship game on November 4th was won by Andy Loh and Blake Schwartzbach. Flight B winners were Jane Petering and Marianne Klayman and Flight C winners were Shelley Basson and Andrew Ries. The charity club championship game on November 18th Flight A winners were Evie and John Coufal; Flight B & C winners were Mahin Zahirnia and Shirley Sanford. Andy Loh scored the most MPs in the November Monday games at 12.16 points. The table count continues to hold at 24½ tables per game in November.

Wednesday Game — Winners of the club championship game on November 20th were Bette and John Strauch; winners of Flight B and C were Ruth Ng and Patrick Chen. Average table count in November was 14½ tables.

February 2020

by SkipBid

Lynne Feldman and Steven Cooper won our December 8th unit game, with Flight B going to Jennifer Prairie and Elaine Chan, and Matthew Kidd and Bob Brobst taking Flight C.

The December 22nd game was won by Avram and Susan Ninyo in both Flights A and B, and Matthew Kidd and Bob Brobst repeated their Flight C victory. Our December 28th The French Gourmet catered Holiday Party had 23 tables, with 1st place going to David Abelow and Phyllis Yates. Elazar Harel and Chebli Jada won Flight B and Flight C went to Ann Manaster and Marilyn Peters-Dunn.

The unit wishes to welcome new members Jason Bland, Sharon Bell, Hanna Elad, and Saul Mirsky, and we wish to congratulate the following unit advancers in ACBL rank: New Junior Master—Raymond Eller, New Club Master—Victor Elkind. Great job! (And everyone in this paragraph please refer to this column for a free play in February or March.)

Soledad Club By Kathy Moyer

Monday Game — December was a slow month between the Fall NABC in San Francisco and Palm Springs Regional the following week. But on December 16 we had a full house with 26½ tables. Jon Wright and Greg House were 1st in Flight A; Buster and Tinker Mico 1st in Flight B; and Matthew Kidd and Steve Provol 1st in Flight C.

Wednesday Game — The Annual ACBL Membership Game was held December 18, Linda Gu and Martha Woodworth were 1st in Flights A and B; Marila Lombrozo and Susan Fakhimi were 1st in Flight C.