2018 Unit Reports in the Contract Bridge Forum

Each month the La Jolla unit contributes to the What’s New in District 22 section of the D22 edition of The Contract Bridge Forum, the newspaper members receive. Gathered below are the reports for 2018. The month refers to the publication month but the newspaper is delivered slightly before the publication month, reports are submitted a couple of weeks in advance, and the reports cover the preceding weeks.

August 2018

by SkipBid

Our July 8th unit game was won by Avram and Susan Ninyo in both Flights A and B, with Flight C going to Thomas Dorsey and Zach Scherr.

On July 22nd we held our annual Bill Logan Trophy Game (see “Logan Trophy” under the Unit Info menu on lajollabridge.com) and the big winners were Paul Darin and Sam Madison-Jammal. Carolyn Casey and Marilyn Peters-Dunn won Flight B, with Thomas Dorsey and Zach Scherr repeating their July 8th Flight C win.

Our third game last month, on July 29th, went overall to Steven and Kitty Cooper. Ross Rossman and Sally Ishihara took Flight B and Flight C went to Davis Bennett and Robert Keefe.

The unit wishes to welcome new member Christa Kelly, and we wish to congratulate the following members on their advancement in ACBL rank: new Junior Master—Jim Waring; new Silver Life Master—Dr. Deborah Goldsmith; and new Diamond (5000 points!!) Life Master—Freda Anderson. Great job, all! (And everyone in this paragraph please collect a free play in August or September.)

Marc Matz report

(Marc is co-director with Kathy Moyer of the Soledad Club’s Monday ACBL game.)

Summers tend to be good months for turnout at Soledad, to some extent due to our influx of golf and bridge playing “sunbirds” from Arizona. So, on July 2nd we had 19½ tables. Freda Anderson and Ray Sachs were first overall A and B. First C were Gail Titus and Joe Morella. For July 9th we had 15½ tables. Bill Allen and Ali Mahdavi claimed first overall; first Flight B were Barry, Anderson and Mike Kole, and Flight C honors went to Paula Duncan and Selby Winkler. July 16th gave us 19 full tables, and was also run as North American Pair (NAP) club qualifier event, with first overalls Maria Marshall and Larry Sherman and 2nd place going to Kathy Byrne and Murray Warmath. First B and C was Lynne Anderson playing with Jules Borack. July 23rd had 17.5 tables. Maritha Pottenger and Kent Hartman captured first place. First B & C were Mimie Anderson and Gary Greenberg. Closing the month on July 30th, we again had 19½ tables. First overall were Jeremy Fields and Larry Sherman. And yet again, a C pair took both first B and C overall—Brian Castle and Patrick Staley. It clearly was a good month to be an Anderson while playing bridge at the Soledad Club. (And no, none of them are related.)

July 2018

by SkipBid

Our May 13 unit game was won by Junko Hemus and Tim Flaherty. Jeremy Fields and Linda Gu captured Flight B, with Bob Mann and Supriyo Datta taking Flight C.

Our traditional Memorial Day sectional, May 26–28, was a very welcome success, with 193½ tables over the three days. 338 ACBL players attended, 230 taking home masterpoints, with 858.88 total masterpoints awarded. Alex Fowlie came out on top with 23.13 masterpoints. See the ACBL website results for a summary of the winners in each event. The unit board was very happy to see the new 12 pm and 5 pm schedule, framed to accommodate the Soledad Club’s morning Jazzercise and Yoga classes, work out pretty well. Our president Matthew Kidd, who tirelessly ran the event, wishes to give special thanks to Hospitality Chair Gail Dunham and to our caddies, Sam Stevens and Kevin O’Neill.

We wish to welcome Ann Fishman and Sandra Gagnon into our unit, and to congratulate the following members on their advancement in ACBL rank: new Junior Masters Susan Fakhimi and Iloo Gruder; new Club Master Jack Schuster; and new Sectional Master John Fabian. Nice job! (and please refer to this column for a free play in June or July.)

June 2018

by SkipBid

Our April 8th unit game was won by Alice Lane and Tom Tatham, with Stephen and Jill Seagren taking Flight B and Flight C going to Davis Bennett and Jennifer Prairie.

On April 22nd, Junko Hemus and Tim Flaherty took first overall, Alana Shapley and Chris Hastie won Flight B, and Bridget Poizner and Raymond Hilbert took Flight C.

La Jolla had the fifth Sunday this month, and the April 29th game went to Maritha Pottenger and Kent Hartman in Flight A. Ramey Farah and Don Davidson won both Flight B and C.

The unit wishes to welcome new members Bill Herman, Stephen Merrill, and Jim Waring. And this month we extend congratulations to a huge list of unit members who have advanced in their ACBL rank: new Junior Masters—Marnie Barnhorst Maria Lombrozo; new Club Masters—Patricia Hermann and Marcia Will; new Sectional Masters—Jeffrey Broido, Mary Anne Curry, Dr. Robert Keefe, and Amy Spielman; new Regional Master—Dr. Robert Dunham; new NABC Masters—Gary Miyata, Arlene Special, Isabella Wilf, and Mark Wilf; new Life Masters—Judy Elsberry and Susan Wightman; new Bronze Life Master—Ann Manaster; and new Gold Life Master—Norton Rimer. Fantastic job, all! And please refer to this column for a free play in May or June.

Finally, our Memorial Day Sectional is JUST around the corner: Saturday May 26, Sunday May 27, and Monday May 28 at the Soledad Club. Please see lajollabridge.com for the complete schedule.

May 2018

by SkipBid

In our March 11th unit game Davis Bennett and Roger Doughman tied for first place overall with Larry Sherman and Lamya Agelidis. Charles and Marjorie O’Malley won Flight B and Flight C went to Barbara Blake and Patricia Wilkey.

And on March 25th Jeremy Fields and Linda Gu conquered both Flights A and B with a 71.86% game! Flight C was taken by Susan Wightman and Stephen Haine.

The unit wishes to welcome new members Marnie W Barnhorst, Patricia Becker, and Bonnie Hall with a free play in April or May.

Our Memorial Day Weekend Sectional, Saturday May 26 through Monday May 28, will be back at the Soledad Club this year, with pair games starting at 12 and 5 on Saturday and Monday. Sunday will have a two-session play-through Swiss with lunch provided, as well as a one-session Pairs, both events starting at 12 p.m. (See flyer with more details at lajollabridge.com)

April 2018

by SkipBid

Our February 25th winners were Jeremy Fields and Linda Gu in both flights A and B, with Bob Brobst and Matthew Kidd taking flight C.

In our February 11th game there was another double-flight A and B win, this time by Barbara Blake and Patricia Wilkey, and Bob Brobst and Matthew Kidd repeated their flight C win.

The unit wishes to congratulate the following members for their advancement in ACBL rank: new Junior Masters—Sandra Antonel, Bonnie Rose, and Sherron Schuster; and new Club Masters—John Fabian and Wayne Sottosanti. Nice job, all! (And please refer to this column for a free play in March or April.)

March 2018

by SkipBid

The overall winners of our January 14th unit game were Chris Benson and Lynne Feldman, with Flights B and C both going to Paul Alesu and Bob Brobst.

Chris and Lynne repeated their victory on January 28th. And in that game Flight B was taken by Jeremy Fields and Linda Gu and Flight C by Bob Brobst (another repeat :)) and Matthew Kidd.

We wish to welcome new members Robin Bottomley, Lynne Litwiller, and Sherron Schuster, and to congratulate the following unit members on their advancement in ACBL rank: new Junior Master—Orrin Gabsch; new Club Master—Selby Winkler; new NABC Master—Ramey Farah; and new Bronze Life Master—Dr. Deborah Goldsmith. Great job, all! (And please refer to this column for a free play in February or March.)

February 2018

by SkipBid

Our December 10 Holiday Party at the La Jolla Country Club was won by Patrick Chen and Ruth Ng—in all three flights!

Junko Hemus and Timothy Flaherty were first overall in our December 24 Charity Game, with Jill and Stephen Seagren taking flights B and C.

The unit wishes to welcome new members Sondra Antonel, Adam Raichel, Juanita Rippetoe, Bob and Sheryl Scarano, and we wish to congratulate the following members for their advancement in ACBL Rank: new Club Masters—Dr. Carol Butler, Albert Cornelison, Nancy Lawson, Virginia Lee-Huckabone, and Barbara Weir; new Regional Master—Barbara Appel; new NABC Master—Jules Borack; new Sapphire Life Master—Nathan McCay; and finally, new Emerald Life Master—Skipbid…I mean, Bill Grant. Nice job all! (And please refer to this column for a free play in January or February.)

January 2018

by SkipBid

Our November 12th unit game was won first overall by Henri Fahri and Kit Humphrey. Stephen and Jill Seagren won Flight B, and Flight C was taken by Sharyn Pyrz and Robert Givens.

We did not hold a game November 26 out of respect for the (very enjoyable and successful!) 2017 San Diego NABC being held downtown at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

The unit is very happy to welcome the following new members: Jalil Ahmad, Marguerite Bartels, Susan Fakhimi, James Fraser, Lawrence Gratt, Joanne Leibovitz, James Mann, WH Pierce, and Bonnie Rose.

We also wish to congratulate the following members on their advancement in ACBL rank: new Junior Masters—Barbara Elliott and Mary Lisiecki; new Club Masters—Charmaine Del Principe and Anne Graves; new Sectional Master—Barbara Klein; and new NABC Master—Patricia Sheldon. Great job all! (And everyone in the last two paragraphs please refer to this column for a free play in December or January.)