Bill Logan trophy game

Bill Logan directed the unit game from approximately 1985 to 1997. In 2010, the unit board voted to revive the Bill Logan trophy game, usually held in July since his birthday was at the end of July. Below are some memories of Bill.

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From Alice Leicht:

I remember Bill Logan as a quiet, gentle man. When I first ventured into the mysterious world of bridge Bill was at the entry form table. I was nervous and completely at a loss as to what came next. But with Bill’s reassurances that I would be fine and that the partner he was about to assign to me would help me to get started, I managed to get through that first session ever without a scar.

Several months later I heard that Bill had passed away. Some of his friends in our unit who valued this nice person felt that he should be remembered and so the Bill Logan Game came to be.

Halloween 1981 (left) and with Ed Layton (right).
Photos provided by Lynne O’Neill.

From John Adams:

I remember Bill Logan for many reasons, in particular for his dry wit and habit of looking at dummy and announcing, “That hand.”

From Beverly Wilk:

What a great guy was Bill! We even went to the same high school. To this day I miss his wit and kindness.

Logan Trophy winners

2018 Linda Gu Martha Woodworth
2018 Paul Darin Sam Madison-Jammal
2017 Bill Grant Lynne O’Neill
2016 Elaine Chan Mike Mezin
2015 James Martin Sam Jordan
2014 Lena Jelusich Alice Lane
2013 Paul Alesu Matthew Kidd
2012 Elaine Chan Mike Mezin
2011 M. Ali Mahdavi Lona Wessel
1999 Mary Huffaker Ron Huffaker
1998 Becky Kissinger John Kissinger
1997 Sally Hale Jeff Figgins
1996 Brenda Carter Gail Whitely
1995 John Norman Barbara Norman
1994 John Norman Barbara Norman
1993 Lynne O’Neill Pat Chapman
1992 Rob Lindvall Dorinda Lindvall
Photos provided by Lynne O’Neill.