Former La Jolla Unit Board Members

David Oakley David Oakley. 2005-2009. A retired electronics engineer, he learned to play bridge as a teenager in England, but did not take up duplicate until 1963. Originally played weak no-trumps and four-card majors before immigrating to the USA in 1966.
Diana Marquardt Diana Marquardt. 2007-2009. Began playing duplicate in 2003 adding bridge to her list of obsessions that includes triathlons, golf, and basset hounds. After more than 20 years on the UCSD Medical School faculty, she is now Medical Director of a community clinic in City Heights. She believes that in past lives she was a contortionist and a member of the Lollipop Guild.
Ed Layton Ed Layton. 2004-2007. A 5-star ACBL accredited teacher, and ABTA Master Teacher, Ed has taught bridge for over 25 years and has won several regional events. For many years, he has served on the District 22 and La Jolla boards. Chairman of the Pacific Southwest Regional for several years. At present, he assists the current chairman. Now retired, he continues teaching bridge.
Cass Donavon Cass Donovan. 2001-2015. Began playing bridge when she was attending Creighton College in Omaha, where she met her husband who is a pediatrician. She began playing duplicate in 1997. After working as a pediatric nurse in Iowa she moved to La Jolla.
Manoochehr Bahmanian Manoochehr Bahmanian. 2008-2010.
I learned bridge when I was attending Purdue University in Indiana in 1959 getting my degree in civil engineering.

I think I joined ACBL in 1993 in San Diego. I enjoy playing bridge and play bridge whenever I get a chance.
Steve Johnson Steve Johnson. 2007-2010
Joined ACBL 1 April 1976. At home, both parents were avid bridge players and card games were a way a life. Played bridge instead of attending classes, while at the University of Oregon. During 21+ years in the Navy, remote duty stations and extended deployments led to a 12 year hiatus from the table, as government experts developed the foundations of online bridge. Looking forward to retirement, Steve presently works for the Department of the Navy as a Technical Specialist.
Bob Walters Bob Walters. 2009-2011
I’ve made many good friends through bridge in San Diego. I consider my service on the board as a payback for the enjoyment bridge gives me. I was introduced to bridge about ten years ago by John McCright. I work as little as I can get away with and play bridge as often as I can get away with. I share my life with my partner of 19 years and my three dogs.
Marge Hughes Marge Hughes. 2011-2013. Grew up in southern Illinois playing all kinds of card games other than bridge with my family. Learned bridge in the 1960’s and played party bridge occasionally. Started duplicate when we retired and moved to La Jolla in 1995. Has a busy life with 4 children and 11 grandchildren. Enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, music, and crossword and jigsaw puzzles.
Jill Seagren Jill Seagren. 2013-2014, 2019-2021 Jill Seagren obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees in nutrition from SDSU and taught the subject at the USC and USCD medical schools and at SDSU. She was the team nutritionist for the LA Rams and the San Diego Chargers in the late 1970s.

In the early 1980s, Jill switched careers, becoming a real estate broker, one of the few women doing apartment brokerage. She provided low income housing for 22 year through the San Diego Housing Commission, where Kathy Farrington was her case manager. When Jill took up bridge in 2000, she met Kathy again at the table. Small world!

Travel is Jill’s passion. She spends several month each year abroad. For the past five years, Jill and her husband have taught bridge at La Jolla High at the end of the academic year.
Joyce Bailey Joyce Bailey. 2012-2014.
Charlotte Blum Charlotte Blum. 2011-2013.
Ursula Kantor Ursula Kantor. 2014-2020. Ursula was a guidance counselor at Southwestern College in Chula Vista. She has played in our unit games, at the Soledad Club, and the Jolla Cove Bridge Club for many years.
Matthew Kidd Matthew Kidd. 2018-2020 Term.
Matthew is a cosmic ray physicist who switched to bioinformatics in 1997, working for startup companies. He has been playing bridge on and off since 1986 but much more so since moving to San Diego in 2004. He wrote the ACBLmerge program, is a founder of the Bridge Results website, and was active in the bridge teaching at La Jolla High from 2009-2013.
Gail Dunham Gail Dunham. 2019-2021 Term.
Alice Leicht Alice Leicht. 1981-2009. Enjoying the challenge of the game and developing friendships with partners, the world of bridge has been a factor in Alice's life for about 18 years. Serving on the Board is payback to the game for the enjoyment she has had; and a way to help others share in the fun. Family, friends, tennis, her cat, history, etc. fill her other daily program. She is a retired assistant professor in English from San Diego Community College District.
JanetAnsfield Janet Ansfield. Most of ~1995-2013. Started playing bridge many eons ago at the University of Illinois, continuing at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Became a serious player, after moving to California in 1981. Previously served on the board from 2002-2007. Her husband is a non-player who enjoys hearing about us contestants. Formerly in social services, she is now a travel agent.
Nate McCay Nate McCay. 1997-2009. Began playing duplicate bridge in 1984. After meeting his wife, Sandy at the Phoenix Regional in 1987, they were married the following Spring. “I'm fortunate to have had such an excellent partner; she deserves credit for whatever bridge success I have had.”
Dorinda Lindvall Dorinda Lindvall. 2004-2007. Began playing bridge in 1969 in Orange County.  After meeting Bob at the tables, he became a favorite partner then husband in 1970.  Adopted Precision bidding because it left little room for errors.  (It still happens)  Vocational background includes programming payrolls and job costing.
Jules Borack Jules Borack. 2002-2004. Jules has enjoyed playing bridge with his family since the mid 90s. A retired statistician and university professor, he loves theater, music, good books and great conversation. “Bridge is the perfect blend of social interaction and intellectual stimulation and duplicate bridge may be the greatest pastime ever invented. It was a pleasure to serve on the Unit 526 board and give something back to an organization that has given me such joy.”
Alice Leicht BJ Petersen. 2009-2011 & more
I am a native of San Diego. I feel it is a privilege to be elected to the Board and to be of service with such a dedicated Board Members.
Gary Mollenkopf Gary Mollenkopf. 2010-2011
Grew up in Ohio where he watched his parents play “auction bridge”. He attended Bowling Green State University where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music. From Ohio he moved to Wisconsin where he began his career in education. While there he got his first introduction to contract bridge—all Goren and very social. When he moved to California in 1983 he continued teaching for a while but then took a break from it and owned and operated two antique malls before returning to teaching in 2000. It was then that he became interested in learning to play duplicate bridge. Now as he is looking at retirement, he sees a great opportunity to work on his game.
Chuck Wilson Chuck Wilson. 2012-2014 Term
(and ~1980-1988, 1996-2003).

Born and educated in Kansas, where I still have a 500-acre farm inherited from my parents. A mechanical/nuclear engineer, I worked for 20 years in support of the U.S. nuclear testing operation at the Nevada Test Site northwest of Las Vegas from 1972-1992. Since then have been employed at 3 different San Diego technical/engineering companies, currently SAIC. Started playing bridge in 1952, learning from my parents who played party bridge, but they never played duplicate.
Randy Fadem Randy Fadem. 2009-2013.
I was drafted in college to learn bridge when the others were short one bidding fiend. Picked it up again thirteen years later and haven’t stopped. Coming here, new to San Diego, bridge has been a gift for meeting people and becoming acclimated and more comfortable in my new surroundings.

I enjoy the game; its challenges, rigors, the competitiveness; working with a partner (or sinking with a partner). I’ve also taught a lot of beginner’s bridge back East; the bidding is different here; so it’s opportunity to open up and re-think some of the basic ingredients of bidding. I've also been invited to participate in the Mentor Program at Adventures and have enjoyed that the past several months.
Val Frager Val Frager. 2015-2016.

Val Frager is a regular at the Beach and Tennis Club, has helped with the La Jolla High teaching for the last three years, and co-chaired our January 2015 NLM sectional with Ron Ignelzi.

Lynne Anderson Lynne Anderson. 2019-2021 Term.

Started playing bridge as a teenager in Minnesota in her parents’ game, followed by social bridge with sorority sisters, and then her husband. After a long hiatus she moved to San Diego and joined the ACBL in 2003. She is a teacher educator who continues to break away to play bridge working to train teachers and to earn her Life Master’s in bridge.

Susan Koshkarian Susan Koshkarian. 2018-2020 Term.

I began playing bridge the summer after I graduated from high school. My mother and another woman decided eight of us college bound grads needed to learn the game or we would be a failure in college. I continued to play for the next 10 years, socially, while working as a medical technologist, and then took a break to raise my children. About 10 years ago when my husband resurrected his acting career after semi-retirement, I started playing bridge online. Finding that I still enjoyed bridge, I took some lessons from Ed Layton and Maritha Pottenger and began playing duplicate bridge. What a great way to keep one's mind alert!!

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