2012 May Sectional Results


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
AX Swiss Teams3876311015 × 2
BCD Swiss Teams57129415 + 13


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Saturday Morning Open Pairs3436177723
Saturday Afternoon Open Pairs2975165926
Saturday Morning 499er Pairs985311
Saturday Afternoon 499er Pairs142968
Saturday Compact KO Teams (2 session)87453317
Saturday Afternoon Compact KO Consolation7333952


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Friday Morning Open Pairs3366187426
Friday Afternoon Open Pairs3438195923
Friday Morning 499er Pairs976510
Friday Afternoon 499er Pairs131798

Total table count: 212

328 players attended, 253 taking home masterpoints, with 779.50 total masterpoints awarded. Mark Itabashi and Steven Love were the overall masterpoint winners, each earning 15.73 MP. See the ACBL website results for a summary of the winners in each event and the masterpoint winners list. Tournament Flyer. Financial recap.

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ACBLmerge tooltip illustration showing player's face and number of masterpoints

The field strength numbers are computed as the arithmetic and geometric means respectively of the masterpoint holdings for all ACBL members in a field.

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The unit would like to thank the following people for bringing food: Lynne Anderson, Carolyn and Lena Casey, Randy Fadem, Mary and Ron Huffaker, Marge Hughes, Ursula Kantor, Dorinda Lindvall, Barbara Norman, and Branko Obradovic.

This year we tried something different by having food trucks available on Friday and Saturday, the Pierogi Truck on Friday (menu) and the Delicioso Food Truck (menu) on Saturday. Overall this worked out pretty well. However, Bill Grant and I were a bit disappointed that the Delicioso Food Truck was not serving all the items on their menu, in particular some of the tasty looking tacos that led us to choose this food truck. And though they showed $5 and $6 items on their online menu, only $7 items were available. However, portion sizes were large enough that two modestly hungry players could easily have split one order for a cheap lunch.

Two bridge players ordering from the Delicioso Food Truck


The unit would like to thank the La Jolla Community Center (Riford Center) and Adventures in Bridge for providing extra tables at no expense. Saturday attendance was high enough that we ended up using some of those tables.

Patricia McGinn was our caddy and all around helper for all three days. On Sunday for the Swiss Teams, we added London Nelms, a senior at La Jolla High who is currently learning bridge as part of the Bridge for Youth teaching which is now in its fourth year at La Jolla High. Though it was London's first time as a caddy, several people told us he had done a great job.

Table tallying notes: Friday had two half tables in the open pairs; I rounded the morning up and afternoon down. The Saturday KO consolation shows five teams qualifying for the consolation but only two of them chose to play. Sunday BCD Swiss Teams started with 15 teams but two only played in the morning, so the total number of tables is 2 × 13 + 2 = 28.