2011 May Sectional Results


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Swiss Teams3073139919 x 2
Single Session 499er Swiss Teams (rolled into above)2


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Saturday Morning Open Pairs2953175321
Saturday Afternoon Open Pairs2836188420
Saturday Morning 499er Pairs96586
Saturday Afternoon 499er Pairs127718
Saturday Compact KO Teams (2 session)191566013
Saturday Afternoon Swiss Teams247015174


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Friday Morning Open Pairs3325171123
Friday Afternoon Open Pairs3563203718
Friday Morning 499er Pairs57395
Friday Afternoon 499er Pairs153835

Total table count: 163.5

246 players attended, 195 taking home masterpoints, with 605.92 total masterpoints awarded. Roger Doughman was the overall masterpoint winner, earning 15.49 MP. See the ACBL website results for a summary of the winners in each event. Financial recap. Fennel and Olive recipe.

The field strength numbers are computed as the arithmetic and geometric means respectively of the masterpoint holdings for all ACBL members in a field.

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