2010 January Sectional Results


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
AX Swiss Teams4048333811 x 2
BCD Swiss Teams63444813 x 2


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Saturday Morning 299er Pairs104496.5
Saturday Morning Open Pairs192787420
Saturday Morning Championship Pairs3239200110
Saturday Afternoon Open Pairs204174017
Saturday Afternoon Championship Pairs3239200110


EventField Strength (MP)Tables
Friday Morning BAM380218379
Friday Afternoon Open pairs2414103117.5
Friday Compact Knockout Teams132167114

Total table count: 152

262 players attended, 201 taking home masterpoints. Nate McCay was the overall masterpoint winner, earning 13.50 MP. See the ACBL website results for a full list of masterpoints earned and a summary of the winners in each event.

The field strength numbers are computed as the arithmetic and geometric means respectively of the masterpoint holdings for all ACBL members in a field. Granted, the masterpoint system partly rewards longevity and frequency of play and it has suffered from grade inflation, a problem significantly exacerbated in recent years by triple point charity games. But still masterpoint holdings must have some correlation with skill level and in a Rumsfeldian sort of way it is the ranking system we have if not the one we want to have.

Some players asked about the food. View the recipes. Also there is financial recap.


The January La Jolla sectional (flyer) is returning home to the Soledad Club Jan 8-10, 2010 after a two year hiatus. There is something for everyone: new players, mid-level players, and experts:

Announcer wearing a black tie
  • Friday Compact Knockouts (get some quick silver points)
  • Saturday 299er Pairs (for newer players)
  • Friday Board-a-Match (BAM) Teams (what is BAM?)
  • Saturday two session open pairs (for glory, masterpoints be damned)
  • Stratified Open Pairs on Friday and Saturday
  • Sunday Stratified Swiss Teams

Q: Why have a two session event?
Q: Why aren’t there any 499er, 749er, 999er events?